In December 2018 me and Jan went to see Australia, it was a long flight some 24 hours in total
but we actually enjoyed the flight, the plane and the cabin staff were great
We stayed with Jans twin sister and her partner in Butler for a while and Deanne, Dave and the kids
in bindoon and Richard and Sarah and the kids in Eaton. and a life saver night with Trish and Ron

Western Australia is Beautiful and very large tbh, it was betwen 30 and 40 whilst we were
there and we got to see many lovely places and things

David and Deanne took us off road and we spent many hours watching the wildlife
just pass us by, it was strange to think that we actually travel along named roads but
were in the middle of the bush and every so often the odd house would appear

Richard and Sarah, took us to a local park near to them, and again we had a lot of
fun and saw many animals and the views were amazing

I would like to say a huge thank you to Trish and Ron for the Christmas Party and
rescueing us one evening, to Daves mum and dad for the 4x4 and the loan of a phone
and Sarahs Dad and Mum who helped us get though the holiday in a fashion with very little pain

All in all I loved being in Australia and even with the snakes and spiders
I would move there tommorrow if I had the money and where a bit younger

and my advise to anyone thinking about Australia is go, dont think about it, do it whilst you can