Depression and anxiety have played a huge part in my life, I didn’t really understand them and its taken me over 30 years to actually come to terms with the fact that I have them, so first of all acceptance, this sounds so easy doesn’t it but realizing you have a problem and accepting it is the hardest bit, second is find out who you really are, not knowing who I was lead me down a road of destruction and it effected my trust, believe and self worth to name only a few, finding out who you are allows you to find out who others are and trust them more, I was unsure and frightened of counselling I had a few goes as most have, but the secret is to go once you have achieved

the 2 points above as before that I thought what a load of baloney, also finding the right counsellor is difficult, don’t believe that the first counsellor is the only one, if you don’t feel good ask to change to someone you do feel good with, don’t waste weeks with the wrong counsellor, your wasting your time and theirs.

when you get a panic attack, something that a lot of people don’t understand or believe these happen and will blame it on many things to do with your brain or body, but really what I find is these don’t always have to be full blown attacks which are at their worst is a feeling of I think the worst thing I’ve ever known, room spin, desperation, worry, scary, anger, complete meltdown. but the little ones can be just as bad as often you don’t actually know they are happening and that can lead to forming opinions and life examples that are based in your anxiety and of course like anxiety will grow inside you eating away at you

so as for advise, from one old sufferer, realise life is too short to worry
about everything, explain to people about how you feel, I know how hard this is, but its important that people understand fully how you are and that allowing them into your world means you will often need reassurance and definition of anything and everything, find a good counsellor and be totally honest with them, cutting corners is to easy to do, the problem is that the cure is already in you really its just believing that, a good counsellor will not tell you anything, but will allow you to explore some of the truths and life experiences that were formed badly and help you find a path to correcting this

I started with “tomorrow start a new day”, only looking forward at the wonders in life, using the above look at new meanings to things that you have already worked out, but don’t over think them, accept you will make mistakes and those around you will accept them, if you have explained as I said earlier, never judge a book by its cover, believe in yourself to judge it for yourself even if others make judgements on it that you can see could fit. understand people make mistakes and learn understanding and forgiveness, just like you they are only human, learn to adapt and try and understand them and their thoughts and grow with them in understanding

I hope this makes sense as I often have trouble finding the right words to use, I often will use a word that sounds the same and means something similar, but is wrong and can lead to misunderstandings, something else I’m trying addressing by explaining it to people, If you have taken the time to read this, I wish you the strength to adapt, learn, accept and believe…


I have spent a lifetime looking for the right person
and only now I realise that I had it the whole time

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